Information to Help You Sell More Books to Non-Bookstore (Special Sales) Buyers

Book Selling University is made up of courses to help self-published authors and independent publishers produce better books and sell them to potential buyers in large, non-returnable quantities

  • Book-marketing information on demand to help you plan, produce, price, distribute and promote your books more effectively and efficiently online or offline
  • Take courses as your time permits and needs demand
  • Learn from instructors who are experts on their course material
  • Discover what you can do to sell more books and become more profitable
  • View all courses on YouTube channel Book Selling University – as often as you need,
    for free

How can the Book Selling University help you?

  • Sell more books in large, non-returnable quantities
  • Make more money selling your books
  • Find more people who can buy your books
  • Price your books for maximum profits
  • Find the best distribution partners for retail stores, libraries
  • Make your publicity more effective and efficient
  • Pinpoint social media
  • Improve your sales online

Thank you to the sponsors of Book Selling University:

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